The Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Tier II Team is here to help those students who are struggling with behavior. We provide interventions for students who may have office referrals or displays inappropriate behaviors in class. Our job is to teach and encourage appropriate behaviors so that students are able to stay in class with little disruption.

We offer behavioral interventions to our students based on individual need. Our interventions include:

Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) is an intervention that provides lots of adult attention and support. Students check-in at the beginning of the day with the CICO teacher and discuss daily goals. The student carries a point sheet throughout the day, receiving positive feedback and gentle reminders from staff members. The student checks-out with the CICO teacher at the end of the day and totals his/her points to see if the daily goal was met. The CICO teacher provides encouragement and instruction to help the student meet his/her daily goals. Students are rewarded with treasure box, time in the Panther Place, and/or ice cream.

Panther Power Club (PPC) is an intervention that focuses on teaching appropriate behaviors. A set of 10 social skills are taught in an individual or group setting. The student meets with the counselor daily for social skill lessons and is encouraged to meet weekly goals. Students are rewarded with treasure box and/or behavior bands.

Organizational Skills is an intervention much like Check In/Check Out. A student meets with the counselor or teacher every day and receives a checklist of organizational skills to work on. The student can earn points by completing items on the checklist, such as completing and turning work in on time or keeping their cubby neat. Rewards might include treasure box, time in the Panther Place, and behavior bands.

Mentoring is an intervention where a student is assigned a mentor and meets with their mentor at least twice a week. Goals are discussed and strategies are taught during this one-on-one time with the mentor. Mentors do many fun activities with the student such as shooting hoops or playing a game.

If you have any questions regarding our PBS Tier II Team, please contact one of our team members.

Brenda Lane, Tier II Coach, Counselor
Kristy Wakefield, Reading
Stephanie Anderson, Speech
Lana Driskill, First Grade
Kristen Sheppard, Third Grade

Lacy Nix, Assistant Principal
Richard Mabe, Focus Room
Jaime Tyrrell, Kindergarten
Trena Harker, Second Grade
Jennifer Mitchell, Fourth Grade

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