PBS Tier I

School-wide positive behavior support (SW-PBS) is an instructional approach based on a decade or more of scientific evidence that demonstrates convincingly that appropriate social/interpersonal behaviors can be taught to all students by educators. SW-PBS is a proactive, prevention-focused package of strategies that addresses school-wide discipline problems.

Key characteristics of Universal Support (Tier 1) include the following approaches, strategies and procedures for use with all students in the building:

  • School-wide team meets at least monthly to collect and review student behavioral data, make decisions based on the data, and share data periodically with all staff members.
  • Common purpose and approach is adopted to student discipline across staff and all school settings.
  • Clear set of 3-5 positively-worded school-wide behavioral expectations is established and posted throughout the school for all students. (MATRIX)
  • Multiple specific examples are developed of what expected school-wide behaviors look like in all school settings.
  • Procedures are established for teaching expected behaviors (i.e., direct instruction) to all students in all school settings. Examples/non-examples of expected behaviors are taught and retaught.
  • Continuum of procedures is established for encouraging (positively acknowledging) expected behavior, including a whole school system for use with all students. (i.e., behavior bands, panther paws, Proud Panthers, and positive attendance awards)
  • Procedures are established for on-going monitoring and evaluation of behaviors.
  • Continuum of procedures is established for discouraging inappropriate behavior.

Universal support emphasizes proactive, prevention-focused, direct instruction targeted at teaching school-wide rules (expectations) to all students in all school settings. Research shows that 80% to 90% of all students can successfully learn and demonstrate expected school-wide behaviors with adequate proficiency through a universal PBS System.

Tanna Allen, Tier I Coach, 2nd Grade
Missy Glenn, Administrator
Lacy Nix, Administrator
Mandy Adey, Counselor
Lisa Cascairo, Kindergarten
Taylor Rothermich, 1st Grade

Jennifer Mitchell,STEM
Kelly Davis, 3rd Grade
Courtney Hook, 3rd Grade
Tori Hayes, 4th Grade
Lisa Clifford, PAT/Preschool

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